Here’s how to hire the right people in the right roles

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March 18, 2020 Business 0 Comments

Here’s how to hire the right people in the right roles

Hiring and building your first team isn’t easy. Even hiring new staff to add to your existing team can be quite stressful. So here are some guidelines on how you can ensure that you’re hiring the right people.

Bringing someone into your company entails a lot of responsibility. There could be some trial and errors along the way. But it’s important that the ones you’re employing suit your business needs and can bring value to the company. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your time.

Firstly, how much help do you need? Once you have analysed this, you can make a list of specific tasks that you’re going to need some help with. Ask yourself a few questions like, “Is this a time-consuming task done on a regular basis?” “Who could handle it better? In-house staff or an outsourced worker?”

Your business goals can help you set your expectations when it comes to hiring employees. It’s necessary to be certain that the people you hire can allow you to focus on your essential tasks rather than be in need of your constant supervision.

Secondly, are you looking to hire for the attitude or for the skills? There are studies that suggest that companies often grow when they employ flexible candidates. This is because these candidates are more open to working on tasks that are even beyond their job descriptions.

It might be better to hire applicants who are smart, open-minded, and are always eager to learn. There’s always a room for potential growth. With the right skills and continuous training, they will most likely become your best assets. 

And thirdly, you need to consider how you present your job offer to attract potential applicants. Evaluate your interview process. What are the questions you need to ask and what points should you highlight? Know what information or how much information you have to reveal when you’re hiring employees.

Where to look?

Delegating repetitive tasks is vital to increase productivity. But more importantly, finding the right people to whom you can hand over those essential tasks should be one of your top priorities.

Here at OutForce, we help you find globally competitive talents. Finding the right talent for your roles is the key to growing your business and achieving success. 

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