Professional outsourcing for financial and accounting services

Manage more clients, process paperwork faster and reduce operating costs with specialized and flexible offshore staffing.

End-to-end financial service support

Grow your team and boost efficiency with a customized OutForce staffing solution for activities like:

Customer Service

Paperwork processing

Preparing loan and insurance applications

Reviewing loan and insurance applications

Form completion and data input

Claims Processing

Identity verification

Reviewing contracts


Purchase contracts

Promotions and social media marketing

Website building and updates

Onboarding new clients

Preparing engagement letters

Preparing reports

Why Choose OutForce?

Outforce is an Australian-owned and managed business process outsourcing (BPO) provider based in the Philippines providing:

Professional staff

We identify, recruit and manage the right people to seamlessly integrate into your business. Your team can be up and running in as little as a week!

Simple, transparent pricing

We charge a fixed monthly fee plus employee costs.

  • No mark up
  • No set up fee
  • No recruitment fee

Complete control

You have direct access to your team and control key factors like working hours, business processes and standard of work.

Total peace-of-mind

We manage onboarding, HR, training, performance, payroll, equipment, facilities and support.

State of the art facilities

We operate out of a purpose-built, high security, ‘plug-and-play’ facility in the heart of Manila's business hub.

Full list of services

  1. Reconciling bank transactions across multiple companies
  2. Managing general ledger balances
  3. Preparing and analysing the balance sheet
  4. Keeping track of all payments and expenditures, including payroll, purchase orders, invoices, statements, etc.
  5. Reconciling processed work by verifying entries and comparing system reports to balances
  6. Maintaining historical records
  7. Paying employees by verifying expense reports and preparing pay checks
  8. Paying vendors by scheduling pay checks and ensuring payment is received for outstanding credit
  9. Responding to vendor enquiries regarding invoices
  10. Preparing analyses of accounts and producing monthly reports
  11. Continuously improving the payment process
  12. Maintaining the billing system Generating invoices and account statements
  13. Performing account reconciliations
  14. Maintaining accounts receivable files and records
  15. Producing monthly financial and management reports
  16. Investigating and resolving any irregularities or enquiries
  17. Assisting in general financial management and analysis
  18. Monthly reconciliations for debtor/creditor accounts
  19. Processing up to Trial Balance stage and preparing financial statements for lodgement with the tax office
  20. Preparing monthly/quarterly management reports
  21. Preparing superannuation and income projections
  22. Completing and posting of daily timesheets
  23. Preparing asset, liability, revenue, and expenses entries by compiling and analysing account information
  24. Maintaining and balancing subsidiary accounts by verifying, allocating, posting, reconciling transactions and resolving discrepancies
  25. Maintaining general ledger by transferring subsidiary accounts, preparing trial balances and reconciling entries
  26. Producing payroll by initiating computer processing; printing checks, verifying finished product
  27. Completing external audit by analysing and scheduling general ledger accounts; providing information for auditors
  28. Conducting research, analysis, development, and summation of financial information for audit purposes and financial reporting
  29. Performing the financial administration and reporting of Federal and State grants
  30. Preparing the statutory financial accounts and regulatory returns for self-managed superannuation funds
  31. Reconciling asset holdings and processing of corporate actions
  32. Preparing minimum and maximum pension calculations
  33. Manually matching any remaining transactions and creating rules for recurring transactions
  34. Reconciling GST that has gone through an SMSF with what’s been paid to the tax office
  35. Preparing private, trust, partnership and company tax returns
  36. Devising tax strategies to defer or mitigate tax payments
  37. Completing required tax reporting in a timely manner Preparing and updating tax provision schedules
  38. Detecting and correcting process errors that caused incorrect tax filings
  39. Negotiating with tax authorities over tax payment plans or payment issues

  1. Preparing insurance and superannuation application forms
  2. Preparing client review documentation for adviser perusal
  3. Prepare superannuation fund comparison reports
  4. Conducting research for appropriate providers and investments
  5. Preparing investment reports for review meetings
  6. Preparing ROAs (Record of Advice) for advisers to review
  7. Preparing limited SOAs (Statements of Advice)
  8. Preparing complex SOA (Statements of Advice)
  9. Entering dictated file notes into CRM.
  10. Performing financial modelling
  11. Preparing advice maps and reports
  12. Reconstructing share cost base history
  13. Updating financial planning templates
  14. Entering fact find information into CRM system

  1. Completing and filing compliance documentation for each loan application
  2. Preparing credit proposal disclosure documents
  3. Preparing first appointment pack for client interview including credit guide
  4. Populating online loan application forms
  5. Compiling and validating documentation to support online application lodgement
  6. Tracking all loan applications, valuations, issuing and return of loan
  7. Ordering valuations as required during the loan process
  8. Preparing loan comparison reports for client reviews
  9. Overseeing loan settlements with banks, clients and real estate agents
  10. Maintaining notes within the CRM during the loan assessment process
  11. Preparing loan application documents for client signing
  12. Electronically filing all documentation associated with settled loan applications
  13. Matching settlements with commissions paid by the aggregator
  14. Support and Administration
  15. Preparing minutes and resolutions
  16. Setting up new companies and trusts
  17. Applying for new entity ABNs
  18. Collecting missing information from clients
  19. Sorting incoming scanned mail and saving to correct client files
  20. Creating tax office correspondence cover letters
  21. Updating client database with new client information
  22. Completing and posting daily timesheets
  23. Optimising and updating workflows
  24. Managing and updating ASIC and other federal databases
  25. Updating the ATO portal
  26. Generating reports for managers and partners as required
  27. Managing contact lists and customer spreadsheets
  28. Manages partner, manager and director diaries as per their ideal weeks
  29. Organising travel arrangements
  30. Managing the email inboxes of partners and managers
  31. Preparing and sending email newsletters
  32. Preparing engagement letters
  33. Manage the client onboarding process
  34. Publishing social media update
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