Things to consider to run online meetings successfully

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Things to consider to run online meetings successfully

Meetings often happen spontaneously when you’re in an office. There is a physical presence that allows you to see and read one another. But in a remote setup, these meetings are structured differently. 

Remote conversations are merely done through phone calls or video conferences. Sometimes, you get to see everyone via webcam and other times, you’re just sharing screens to have a smooth flow of discussions.

When setting up your online meetings with your remote team, there are things that you might want to take into consideration. Create an agenda and figure out the best type of meeting to accomplish it. Would it be better to schedule one-on-one meetings or group meetings?

One-on-one meetings

As a business leader, even when you have an entire team of experts, it’s still important to acknowledge every individual on that team–which means that they need your support to stay committed to their tasks.  

Scheduling one-on-one calls would be preferable when you need to discuss the small details of the projects they’re working on. You can ask to see your staff’s calendar to check what could be the best time to talk about his personal tasks. This also allows your remote staff to have an open dialogue with you.

Group meetings

If you want to have a great brainstorming session or gather some feedback from your remote team, you can set up an online meeting on a specific time and get everyone looped in. It’s always a good idea to start your meeting by simply having a casual chat about life before diving into your agenda.

Do whatever feels comfortable for your team–whether it’s a voice call or a video conference. Encourage everyone to share anything that would help achieve the team’s overall goal.   

Empower your business

In this modern era, global teams are required to work in modern ways to stay relevant and competitive. This guarantees a collaborative experience no matter where you are in the world.

OutForce connects human and digital assets with the right approach, advanced technologies and global teams. You can effectively bridge the gaps and work together to produce remarkable business outcomes.

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