Work from home: A guide to managing your remote team effectively

work from home
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Work from home: A guide to managing your remote team effectively

Working from home is now becoming the norm for every company complying with the safety measures to slow the spread of coronavirus. While this may be a new undertaking for many, there are things you can do to work effectively with your remote team.

Requiring employees to work remotely is an important decision that business owners had to make to keep everyone safe. This way, businesses can remain operational and continue to serve their global clients.

Although working from home can seem a lot more convenient, it’s not that simple for everyone. You need discipline and enough motivation to get things done. Here are some tips that can help you manage your remote team successfully.

  • Set some goals and expectations

Provide your remote staff with all the essential information that will help them complete their daily tasks. Give them specific and practical deadlines. If you’re looking forward to seeing great results, you need to be clear with your directives. 

  • Communicate regularly

You can set a schedule for some daily online catch-ups with your team. Get some updates or progress reports. There are lots of tools that can help you stay connected with your team, such as Zoom and Skype. Clear communication is always the key to a successful collaboration.

  • Keep some boundaries

Indicate your working hours so each member of your team knows when to reach one another. It also helps to check in with them and remind them to take a breather. This will help avoid stress from working long periods of time due to the absence of your usual office setup.

  • Provide useful feedback

Let your staff know whether they’re doing a great job or there are certain areas that they need to improve. It will help motivate them to perform better rather than keeping them in the dark just because you don’t see each other all the time.

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